Mark Domiteaux, AIA

Born in Berkeley, California, I grew up in eight different cities on the West Coast, the Midwest, and the Great Lakes. I completed my education on the East Coast, graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I started my career as an architect 35 years ago, right here in Dallas, the city my family and I call home.

While architecture is my pride and livelihood, I’ve picked up a few other tricks over the years. I hold patents on several small widgets you’ve never seen or heard of. I restore vintage cars and race Formula Fords. My wife and I were urban farmers before it became a trend, with twenty years experience raising chickens and monster zucchini. Over the years, we’ve also adopted multiple canines, all of which were obsessed with digging up our beloved vegetable garden.

Back in my struggling young architect days, I devised a backup plan for myself and went to culinary school to become a professionally trained chef. Fortunately, my architecture career took off, but my family and friends continue to benefit from my culinary skills. Being a lifelong trivia hound and science nerd, I know just enough about everything to make our dinner parties nearly insufferable for our indulgent friends.

It seeks to engage people and cultures, technologies and materials, psychologies and experiences, and recognizes architecture as a connective and fundamentally social construct. Architecture is imagined as a matrix of hybrid narratives from which to construct future realities – conceptual, spatial, and experiential – and a rigorous search for new potentials to realize specific unexpected solutions inhabited by the lives of people and cities.